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Residential Cooling

Many people are unable to enjoy their patio or yard areas during the heat of the summer. Pets and plants suffer due to intense heat. Customers say their lifestyles have been changed completely by outdoor cooling (misting system). They are no longer “trapped” inside their homes. Pets and plants are healthier. Now you can enjoy the outdoors year round.

Commercial Cooling

When temperatures rise above 25ºC, patio dining and outside bar areas become uninhabitable money losers. An Igloo misting system can turn that space into a comfortable and profitable retreat, assuring optimal comfort for both costumers and employees.

Industrial Cooling

Create a safer and more productive working environment. Cooling employees, equipment and processes can lead to happier employees and big profits. Cooler workers are safer and more productive. Cooler machines last longer and can produce more. Many processes that need cooling can be speeded up using mist cooling.

Zootechnical Cooling

Keeping livestock and pets is cool is big business. Cool cows produce more milk and eat more. Cool Chickens eat more and are healthier.

Humidity and control

Igloo misting systems are a cost effective solution to humidifying a wide array of applications including: warehouses, factories, greenhouses, wine barrels and Lumber and paper storage. Igloo systems proven technology generates 10 micron water droplets which attract and suppress PM 10 and smaller dust particles. Our systems offer a solution that can help eliminate both the fugitive dust problem and unwanted odors.

Outdoor cooling

  • Restaurants
  • Terases
  • Bars & Pubs
  • Hotels
  • Open Air Parties

Indoor cooling

  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • Garages
  • Werehouses
  • Livestocks

Humidity, temperature & dust control

  • Green houses & gardens
  • Wine cellars
  • Various industries
  • Fresh food markets