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How can misting systems help the retail sector?

During tough economic times, retail centers are understandably focused on attracting shoppers to their locations, and keeping them there. For outdoor retail centers, one of the key areas in that effort is temperature control. As much as the latest designs are making newly-built shopping areas attractive to look at, temperature control systems are needed to make them pleasant to spend time in.

Temperature and the Shopping Rhythm

People tend to follow similar rhythms when shopping: there is a period of activity (buying or browsing), followed by a period of rest, then a period of activity, then rest, and so on. Generally speaking, as the day progresses, those periods of activity get shorter as fatigue and the weight of the shopping bags begin to take their toll.

Much strategic thought has gone into maximising the returns from the shopper when they are in those periods of activity, but the periods of rest are equally important. Each such period of rest represents a critical decision point – will there be another period of buying and browsing, or will the shopper go home?

The single most important factor in that decision point for the shopper is temperature control: if the shopper rests someplace cool and begins to feel refreshed, they will stay for another period of shopping activity; if, however, their temperature continues to rise, then they are far more likely to decide that it is time to go home to cool off.

Cost Effective Means of Temperature Control

Many recent shopping areas have been developed to replicate the open-air, ‘downtown’ shopping experience, complete with the look and feel of street corners, small areas of green space, and open skies. In addition to new constructions, this model has also been embraced successfully by redevelopment projects in city cores.

The challenge for such outdoor centers, though, is the heat, which, if left uncontrolled, runs the risk of disrupting the shopping rhythm and converting what should be jut a period of rest into a premature end to the shopping trip.

The solution to this problem is to use Igloo’s high-quality misting fans and systems that can reduce the ambient temperature of rest areas outdoors by as much as 13 degrees Celsius/30 degrees Fahrenheit. Once established, the misting fans in the cool zones will serve to refresh the shopper and replenish the energy required to enter into another active buying period.

Misting = Money

The key to getting as much revenue out of every shopper, thus, is to encourage the shopping rhythm to continue for as many cycles as possible, and the critical element needed to achieve that goal is to ensure that the rest period is refreshing and reinvigorating.

With high-quality misting fans and systems, which can be deployed through attractive, retailer branded fans, or embedded in the structure of the rest area itself, that re-energising of the shopper can be realised. To get more money out of shoppers, then, the key is to provide a restful, re-awakening, cool zone.

It’s common sense to affirm that fresh food sells better. And fresh food has a large percent of water in its composition. Losing this water by dehydration gives the food a non-buyable look and a lack of freshness. The difference water levels in the air and the optimal water levels in fruits and vegetables translates in water evaporation and fast dehydration of the products. By means of the misting systems, the optimal humidity level is re-established, blocking the evaporation/dehydration process.

Fresh meat, cheese and fish contains important quantities of water (between 45 and 70%). The cooling systems will mentain the very specific microclimate to preserve or keep seasoning them.

Some benefits using the misting systems on fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and other fresh food:

  • Dehydration stopping
  • Freshness lasts longer
  • The weight of the products is kept at optimal levels
  • The surrounding temperature and humidity is easily cool down
  • Dust and odors control

You can use the Igloo misting systems in a wide variety of retail locations:

  • Grocery stores
  • Butchery department in supermarkets
  • Refrigerators and cold rooms
  • Fruits and vegetable markets
  • Wholesale werehouses

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