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Industrial cooling

Economically air-conditioning the usual large areas you meet in various industry sectors is a big challenge. Till recently, it was virtually impossible to keep constant temperature in locations with open doors and windows using conventional systems.

Misting System for Industry Sectors

But nowdays this task is perfectly accomplished by our Igloo misting systems which combines cooling with humidity control – increasing productivity in specific sectors of the industry. From huge werehouses and industrial plants to garages and workshops, we cover all sensitive areas: dissipating heat emissions during production and mentaining a necessary degree of confort .

The water is sprayed at very high pressure by special nozzles, obtaining the so called “mist” – very fine droplets (under  10 microns) which are absorbed by the air with no surface wetting.


The advantages using misting systems are considerable:

  • Spot on air conditioning – you can use it only in the very designated areas
  • Temperature reduction is felt immediately
  • Ecological advantages – odour & dust control (but also fumes and otherwise harmful emissions)
  • Reasonable installation cost – compared to traditional air-conditioning
  • Easy installation – the provided kits are highly modular by design
  • Easy and cheap maintenance
  • Better staff productivity

Misting Systems for Textile Industry

Misting Systems for Textile Industry

The textile industry, for instance, can obtain significant benefits using misting systems to keep under control the humidity levels needed for best production environment. During the transforming process of the yarn into tissue, there are unpleasant side-effects generated by the low levels of humidity combined with dryness of the yarn: easy breakage of the yarn and static electricity levels.

Increasing hummidy to 70% level shows a 15% increase of elasticity, resulting into less breakage during processing. The other problem, the static electricity, given by the dryness of textile fiber, is practically eliminated as moisture decreases the electrical resistance.

One more task is accomplished using misting systems: the dust and the fine particles of yarn suspended in the air inherent in this sector of industry are absorbing humidity, making them heavier and preventing their spread. The specific problems created by this particular work environment (dry nose and eyes, severe dehydration, lung problems caused by the particles in the air) are avoided.

Industrial Cooling