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Wine Cellars Cooling

The humidity level in the wine cellars should be kept constant during the whole year. In real life, there are important differences between those levels as seasons succeed, as outside temperature and humidity wildly varies.

Wine cellar using fog system

We can have hot, humid summer seasons, hot dry summertime, cold and dry winters etc. A low humidity levels has direct consequences on wine production: the alcohol in the barrels evaporates, determining dramatic changes in the wine taste and quantity. The barrels would eventually refilled periodically, at the expense of wine quality. Also, the wood in the barrels may suffer from severe dehydration, compromising barrel board structure and efficiency.

The modern facilities where barrels are stored are protected from light and draught (air flow effect – oak dehydration). Optimal humidity level should be kept in the interval of 65% and 85%. Under 65%, alcohol evaporation may occur, and beyond 85% the wood in the barrels may develop fungus and moulds.

 Igloo misting systems solve the problem, maintaining to humidity level at the desired level all year round. This way, the natural evaporation of the alcohol and the dehydration of the wood barrels is kept under strict control. The quality of the wood in the barrels is preserved for a longer period of time and the wine production is visibly richer.

Advantages of the misting systems in the wine cellars:

  • Keeping constant, optimal humidity level
  • It practically eliminates the dehydration of the wood in the barrels structure
  • It prevents the alcohol evaporation, reducing the need of periodic refiling of the barrels
  • The temperature in the storage room is kept at the perfect level all year long
  • The costs of implementation is very low – the installation is refunded in just several months