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Zootechnics Cooling

The Summertime heat is a big challenge for all the poultry breeders and growers. The stress inducted by heat has disastrous side effects: reduced Eggsgrow rate, decreased feed intake, weak egg production and quality, increased mortality.

As the birds do not have sweat glands, the thermal dissipation is harder to achieve. Misting systems can cool the otherwise hot areas, reducing heat stress for poultry. As direct effect, the breeders are more active, the eggs production is better in terms of both quality and quantity.

The cattles are also very sensitive at heat stress. The milk production falls or stagnates, Reproductive performance and general health are affected. It is scientifically proven that proper cooling (using also misting systems) can increase milk production. The water sprayed through nozzles act pulls heat from the air and the animal, similar to the sweatening process.

The growth performance of pigs is also affected by the excessive heat. During the hot summer period, the pigs decrease feed intake, while during the chilly periods of the year the swine increases its feeding habits, for a better absorption of energy. Temperatures over 25 C will affect feed intake – with subsequent consequences like decreased growth, apathy and sexual performance. Pigs misted prior a meal had greater feed intake and ate significantly longer.

Benefits acquired using misting systems in the zootechnical sector:

  • Heat stress reduction
  • Better performance for breeders
  • Increased egg, milk and meat production
  • Extended growth rates
  • Dust and odor control
  • Reduction of energy consumption

Zootechnics Cooling