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Cannon Vent – High Pressure Misting System

Cannon Vent is a professional high pressure misting system used in various industry sectors for several clear purposes:

Cannon Vent

Dust Control – dust emanations can be often dangerous. In the mining and quarrying industry, dust can proceed from various sources: alluvial rocks, volcanic rocks, metamorphic rocks, chalky rocks or basalt. It may also come from iron or manganese ore, bauxite, coal, phosphates etc.

This dust may be classified into various categories: sporadic or fugitive, semi-permanent or permanent.

  • Sporadic or fugitive: These emissions are provoked by blasting in mines, unloading of tipper trucks and movement of fine particles of stored products into free air.
  • Semi-permanent: These emissions are mostly produced by drilling operations and movement of vehicles along roads, tracks and assigned routes.
  • Permanent: Covers all the emissions produced by grinding, crushing, handling, sifting and riddling installations.

In the food-processing industry, dust comes from products such as wheat, barley, maize, peas, manioc or sugar. Handling and storage operations can lead to formation of thick dust clouds in areas which are very often confined. These dust types are particularly inflammable, and therefore dangerous. The natural tendency of dust to free itself and reduce to slime is directly linked to:

  • The nature of the material (dust is one of the finest parts of the material, whether it is an ore or a mineral);
  • Moisture content, which will be more or less depending on whether the material naturally repels or attracts water;
  • Shape, which may favor movement through the air and/or reduce sedimentation speed.