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  • Ceiling fan with 360° nebulization

  • Stainless steel AISI 304 cabinet

  • Easy top connection (high pressure and electric)

  • Floor support (optional)

  • Compact and easy installation

  • Suitable for 6 nozzles


  • With stainless steel misting ring with 9 nozzles 0.1/0.2

  • Adjustable speed

  • Low electrical consumption

  • 230 V120 W

  • Air flow rate 10.500 mc/h

  • Speed 530 rpm

  • Gray Color

Tangential Fan

  • AISI 304 stainless steel cabinet

  • Motor speed: 1.000 rpm

  • Voltage: 230 volt 50 Hz / Power: 45 Watt

  • Air flow: 400 m3/h

  • Compact and quiet

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor installations

  • Dimensions: 95,2x16,1x31,7 (cm)

Axial Fan

  • With stainless steel misting ring with 6 nozzles 0.1/0.2

  • 3 speed

  • Integrated desk frame

  • Low electrical consumption / 230 V 170 W

  • Air flow rate 6000 mc/h / Air speed 3.3 m/sec

  • Oscillating 60 °

  • Black Color


Igloo Vent High Pressure Misting System

Fogging fans are the best solution for open areas to assure the best efficiency to provide air flow and cooling. The two integrated systems, ventilation and fogging together ensure the best result against the unbearble and more and more frequent high levels of relative huminidity in the hot seasons. Essential for refreshing indoor or semi outdoor rooms, like nightspots, bars, discoteques, restaurants, but also for the renting and big show events.

Mounting Scheme Igloo Vent HP

We offer a full range of industrial fans suitable to requirements and needs of the design of indoor industrial cooling system.